Thank you for supporting our movie night featuring “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” with Q&A by Director, Gini Reticker! Net Proceeds supported The Audre Lorde Project!


A Note from our Creative Director, Erin Bigelow-Umar:

The Supreme Court abortion ruling IS violence against all womxn and non-binary birthers of babies. It is oppression in a way the white majority in this country has never experienced and is damaging to all citizens and non-citizens here. It is exactly what the 4thU Artivists have been fighting against since 2009.

For 13 years, the 4thU Artivists have been doing the work to end systemic oppression and gender-based violence and, more purposefully in the last few years, have focused on supporting the leadership of marginalized womxn. For us, THE WORK looks like holding safe sharing spaces for all cast members, emboldening individuals who would otherwise doubt their abilities to be seen or heard, galvanizing and educating the thousands of audience members who’ve attended our shows, supporting local organizations committed to saving the lives of womxn, speaking truth to power in a religious environment, demanding bodily autonomy, and holding our society of white supremacy and patriarchy accountable.

Our 2021 virtual benefit production of “Choice Words: Voicing Our Truths, Claiming Our Power” is exactly what our group is about. We will not stop claiming our power and demanding our right to protect our own bodies. If you feel overwhelmed, enraged, scared or depleted, please read on to see some ways you can move into action, side-by-side, along with us.

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