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Thank you all who attended and worked on our latest successful show! Please check back for news about our fall 2017 production.
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BOW full cast

Body of Women:
A Play, Surrounded by Monologues and Covered in ROCK!
By Buket Gülbeyaz, Kaedy Fischer & Terra Warman

Breastimonials – This is a funny and touching monologue piece written and directed by Kaedy Fischer including women of all ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing their relationship with their bodies-specifically breasts.

Habitat – This play explores the story of five women through the lens of their relationships as friends and family by following their daily life within the transgender/queer community. The piece is a moving, physical, humorous work revealing the diverse experiences and vulnerability of its characters. The arrival of a guest and interruption of their society changes the life of the women and unfolds different layers of their personalities. The womens’ existences constantly question the importance of safety and isolation as defining elements of their identity.

Havoc! A Song Cycle for Six Women Who Give a F**k – This is an indie pop punk song cycle from composer and front woman Terra Warman. With music provided by Terra and the Dactyls, Havoc! Is a timely piece set in a world of political disarray, where women from all social classes, ages, and backgrounds are thrust into an impossible situation and must pick up the pieces. How we put things back together is our choice.

Pre-Show: World Premiere Screening of
“Names of Women” by Poppy Liu

“Names of Women” is a short film based on a true abortion story. Our mission is to use this story as a platform where women can find resources, solidarity and ways to share their stories with one another.

This year our proceeds benefit these local organizations:
DayOne, Santuary for Families & V-Day

seth-picturephoto courtesy: Seth Hale