NEW YORK, NY – April 10, 2017 – 4thU Artivists, a NYC-based nonprofit founded to raise awareness and funding to help end violence against women and girls, presents BODY OF WOMEN, performances offering a deep look into women’s bodies and the strength of women as a body. Happening during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, BODY OF WOMEN is limited to three performances, Sat., April 22, 7pm; Sun, April 23, 3pm & 7pm.


  • Havoc! A Song Cycle for Six Women Who Give a F**k, an indie pop punk song cycle from composer and front woman Terra Warman. With music provided by Terra and the Dactyls, Havoc! is a timely piece set in a world of political disarray, where women from all social classes, ages, and backgrounds are thrust into an impossible situation and must pick up the pieces. How we put things back together is our choice.
  • Breastimonials, a funny and touching monologue collection written and directed by Kaedy Fischer including women of all ages, experiences and backgrounds discussing their relationship with their bodies – specifically breasts.
  • Habitat, a play exploring the story of five women through the lens of their relationships as friends and family by following their daily life within the transgender/queer community. The piece is a moving, physical, humorous work revealing the diverse experiences and vulnerability of its characters. The arrival of a guest and interruption of their society changes the life of the women and unfolds different layers of their personalities. The women’s existences constantly question the importance of safety and isolation as defining elements of their identity.

The “Artivists” (artists + activists) have a long-standing involvement with playwright Eve Ensler’s global movements V-Day and One Billion Rising whose mission is to end violence against women and girls around the world. Likewise, the mission of 4thU Artivists is to raise awareness and funds (to date, over $100,000) to end violence against women and girls globally and locally through creative projects, presented under the auspices of the Fourth Universalist Society a 501(c)(3) in the City of New York. In addition to V-Day, proceeds of the 2016-17 performances go to DayOne and Sanctuary for Families.

4thU Artivists Founder and Managing Director Deborah Roth says: “We loved presenting the works of Eve Ensler for many years (The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, Emotional Creature). Now it’s a delight to collaborate with emerging female artists, playwrights, and musicians as we have over the last few years, and Body of Women combines all three in powerful and creative ways.”

BODY OF WOMEN will be performed in the 4th Universalist Society’s Gothic-style church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, 160 Central Park West @ 76th St (wheelchair accessible). General Seating tickets are priced between $17-28. Doors open 30 minutes in advance of each show, offering a cafe with food, drinks, and fun items for purchase, to benefit the causes involved.

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See Body of Women, a play surrounded by monologues & covered in rock ‘n roll, for a good cause! @4thUArtivists


4thU Artivists: Activism through the Arts
The mission of 4thU Artivists is to raise awareness and funds to end violence against women and girls globally and locally through creative projects (theater and dance productions, concerts, and art shows) presented under the auspices of the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
SAAM occurs annually in April to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it. Celebrating its 15th anniversary with the theme “Prevention is possible,” this campaign promotes actions that individuals, communities and the private sector can take to promote safety, respect and equality to stop sexual assault before it happens.

Media Contact:
Marissa Feinberg

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