Theatre is Easy: Body of Women

Body of Women

By Terra Warman (Havoc!), Kaedy Fischer (Breastimonials), and Buket Gulbeyaz (Habitat)
Produced by 4th U Artivists

Off Off Broadway, Short plays and monologues
Ran through 4.23.17
Fourth Universalist Society, 160 Central Park West

by Ran Xia on 4.23.17

BOTTOM LINE: This empowering program of deeply personal monologues about women’s breasts, a play about trans rights, and a mini rock concert will make you love your body more even with all its imperfection.

Body of Women is designed as a program with three shows interwoven with each other: Brestimonials (a series of monologues about breasts), Habitat (a play about trans rights by Buket Gulbeyaz), and Havoc! (a rock concert featuring Terra and the Dactyls). The three are drastically different in style but the combination does not seem jarring because the theme they address remain consistent.

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